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August 12, 2013

365 things I love about my Pacer

Monday, August 12, 2013 0 Comments
365 things I love about my Pacer
1. Smile 
2. Cooking
3. BBQin
4. Hugs
5. Kisses
6. Great with kids 
7. Creative
8. Handy man
9. Sexy
10. Loves me
11. Patient
12. Funny
13. Adventuresome 
14. Not afraid 
15. Loves god
16. Amazing primary teacher
17. Hard worker
18. Crafty
19. Inventive
20. Silly
21. Goofy
22. Major sexy nerd
23. Makes me laugh
24. Attentive 
25. Service
26. Kind
27. Generous 
28. Foxy
29. Cute as a bug
30. Fabulous lover
31. Caring
32. Compassionate
33. Good example
34. Does dishes
35. Kills spiders
36. Animal lover
37. Loves to shop with me
38. Finds joy in life
39. Married me
40. Willing to try new things
41. Protector
42. Would fight dragons for me
43. Tolerates my cats
44. Holds me when I'm sick
45. Fits into my family
46. Trustworthy 
47. Smart
48. Knows lots of random stupid knowledge
49. Book hoarder like me
50. Wants to be with me forever 
51. Going to be the father to my children 
52. Rubs my back
53. Opens doors for me
54. Changes flat tires 
55. Doesn't mind my shoe fetish. 
56. Beautiful person
57. Sharing 
58. Daring
59. Fine
60. Loving
61. Rubs my neck when I get a migraine 
62. Doesn't judge me when I fart in bed
63. Doesn't care that I snore
64. Plays games with me
65. Doesn't get upset when I kill him at games. 
66. Drys my tears
67. Holds my hand
68. PDA's are totally ok
69. Will watch chick flicks with me
70. Scrubs my back in the shower
71. Rearranges the furniture with me just for fun
72. Is patient with my illnesses
73. Worries about my health
74. Loves to play with my nieces and nephews
75. Accepts people as they are
76. Loves his family 
77. Loves my family 
78. Respectful 
79. Plays well with others
80. Strong opinions
81. Knows what he wants in life
82. Not afraid of a challenge 
83. Sexy facial hair 
84. Country meets city 
85. Tallness 
86. Hardworking 
87. Charitable 
88. Wears cool cowboy boots
89. Puts up with my salsa music 
90. Makes amazing hot wings
91. Is a Pinterest addict too
92. Spontaneous 
93. Loves the beach
94. Loves exploring new places
95. Handy with tools 
96. Mows the lawn
97. Picks up dog poop
98. Loves to garden 
99. Knows a lot of stuff 
100. Loves Oreo cookies
101. Love his laugh
102. Sneaky 
103. Healthy
104. Handy around the house
105. Does laundry
106. Is good in bed
107. Makes me very happy
108. Will be the father of our children
109. Will be an amazing father
110. Has the heart of a lion
111. Is as cuddly as a bear
112. Still sleeps with his baby blanket 
113. Is my best friend 
114. Special
115. Sings as good as me
116. Full of stupid knowledge 
117. Plays video games until 3 am
118. Looks amazing in a pair of right jeans and cowboy boots
119. Can rock a suit and tie
120. Is not afraid to let me dress him
121. Trusts me
122. I trust him
123. Makes me smile
124. Has my heart
125. Will be my last first kiss
126. Is my forever
127. Leaves little love notes on the mirror 
128. Gave me his heart
129. Will vacuum when I don't want to
130. Rugged jaw bones
131. Arms strong enough to squeeze me
132. Delicious eyes
133. Humble
134. Wears really yummy cologne
135. Smells incredibly good
136. Understanding 
137. Loves to laugh
138. Willing to travel
139. Would go to the moon and back for me 
140. Eats the leftovers
141. Finishes off my plate when I can't eat anymore 
142. Tucks me in at night
143. Makes the bed like a pro
144. Plays with Guns
145. Supports all my hobbies
146. Is supportive of my businesses
147. Doesn't judge me when I eat the pb right out of the jar
148. Similar taste in music
149. Will run out and get whatever I am craving 
150. Doesn't get too upset when I steal the blankets at night 
151. Supports my random cravings 
152. Will watch wedding shows with me
153. Likes to eat 
154. Will interrupt his game playing to go and buy me licorice 
155. Supportive 
156. Doesn't care that I love lifestyle & WE tv. 
157. I love how you scratch my back before I sleep
158. Likes to camp
159. Doesn't mind that I take so many pictures. 
160. Lives on Mt. Dew
161. Fun to have around
162. A big adorable dork
163. Snuggly as a bear
164. Watches cartoons 
165. Not afraid to be himself 
166. Sexy bum
167. Looks ridiculously handsome with a facial hair. 
168. Willingly accepts church callings 
169. Serves his family 
170. Will play kid games 
171. Is a swimming fool
172. Doesn't hog the bed
173. Doesn't get mad when I steal the covers on accident. 
174. Will lay on the floor with a coloring book and crayons with the kids 
175. Is the best uncle 
176. The best husby ever
177. Loves his dog 
178. Talks to everyone
179. No one is a stranger 
180. Isn't afraid to be himself 
181. Looks rockin in his cowboy boots
182. Looks great in tight jeans
183. Is so cute in his Panama hat
184. Lets me help him pick out clothes 
185. Rubs my back to help me fall asleep
186. Will always be present in my life
187. Pretty good at surprising me
188. Horrible dancer
189. Makes me laugh when he dances
190. Not ticklish
191. Knows just where to tickle me to make me squeal 
192. Is genuinely real
193. Doesn't sugar coat things
194. Is honest about his feelings 
195. Good communicator
196. Grill master 
197. Loves food as much as I do
198. No stranger to the kitchen
199. Still learning the secrets to good baked goods
200. Does laundry 
201. Looks cute in suspenders 
202. Loves my quarkiness 
203. Is starting to turn to the apple side
204. Loves how I didn't judge him when he was broken
205. Tells really horrible jokes
206. Is very witty 
207. Will go antiquing with me
208. Is sappy
209. Is a true romantic
210. Uses candles more than me 
211. Loves to read
212. Is willing to sacrifice 
213. Is my Prince Charming
214. My knight in shining armor
215. My happily ever after
216. Has some pretty good ideas
217. Fits into my family
218. Doesn't get upset when I beat him at games 
219. Lets me go first 
220. His dad is his hero
221. Loves Jesus above all things 
222. He loves me for me
223. I make you smile
224. Can never say no to me
225. Can cook like a boss
226. Treats me with respect
227. Is as addicted to the food network channel as much as I am
228. Wants to go with me to my favorite city NYC
229. Speaks Spanish
230. Treats my friends like his own
231. Can tie his tie super fancy
232. Makes me smile just thinking about him
233. Brings tears just thinking about how blessed I am to have him
234. Doesn't mind pets in the bed like he has a choice.
235. Has a green thumb
236. Resourceful 
237. Is always thinking of how to make our life better together
238. Prepared for anything
239. Is almost ready for the zombie apocalypse 
240. Carries a gun just in case
241. Is my protector 
242. Sleeps with his baby blanket 
243. Is tender 
244. Forgiving 
245. Fabulous 
246. Doesn't mind that I take so many pictures of us
247. Wants to be a better man
248. Tries each day to be better
249. Is patient
250. Likes to sew
251. Likes trying new things
252. Likes to fish 
253. Likes to hunt
254. Enjoys shopping
255. A big camper
256. Wants to build our first home
257. Willing to sacrifice for me
258. Opens doors for me
259. Lets me have the last bite
260. Shares with others
261. Plays well with others
262. Admits when he is wrong
263. Will say he's sorry
264. Makes up quickly
265. Keeps his nails trimmed 
266. Smells yummy
267. Is very clean
268. Not afraid to get dirty 
269. Cleans up real nice
270. Doesn't judge when he comes home to find me on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a remote 
271. Doesn't fluff the covers when he farts under the blankets
272. Conserves water by sharing the shower 
273. Makes friends wherever he goes 
274. Trustworthy 
275. Cares about my well being
276. Brings me saltines in the middle of the night
277. Treats me like a queen
278. Holds my hand
279. Wipes away my tears
280. Doesn't complain when I snore
281. Is gentle 
282. Puts me first
283. Is my muscle man
284. My hero
285. Is well groomed 
286. Cleans up after himself
287. Vacuums
288. Moves heavy stuff
289. Digs up the potatoes for me
290. Indulges my magazine crave 
291. Endures my migraines
292. Romance is his middle name
293. Is my James Bond 
294. Likes frank Sinatra 
295. Talks more than me. That's a huge feat 
296. Doesn't hog the bed
297. Makes sure I am we'll taken care of
298. Is always there for me
299. Would never hurt me intentionally 
300. Tells me he loves me every day
301. Lets me sleep an extra 10 min. 
302. Starts the shower for me
303. Has similar dreams 
304. Likes to go on dates
305. Wants to have kids 
306. Texts me every morning to tell me he loves me
307. Puts up with my pms symptom 
308. Drives me to the doctor
309. Helps out around the house
310. Ignores the massive mess in the office 
311. Is kind enough to move some of his clothes to the office closet
312. Loved his job
313. Brave
314. Handsome
315. Plays well with others
316. Follows the commandments
317. Is worthy to enter the temple
318. Loves wolves
319. Doesn't laugh at my hair first thing in the morning 
320. Still kisses me even with morning breath
321. Is tender with babies
322. Can rock babies to sleep 
323. Loves to yard sale
324. Loves old stuff 
325. We're in the same page about our dream house
326. Is younger then me
327. Is my wanna be cowboy
328. Loves farm animals too
329. Would love to renovate an old pole barn into a house
330. Wants chickens
331. Wears cowboy boots up fancy events 
332. Gives good massages
333. Is a twin
334. Wants twins
335. Is my soul mate
336. Man of my dreams
337. Supports my dreams
338. I support his dreams and desires
339. Refuses to wear pink
340. Is pretty chill
341. Makes delicious milk shakes 
342. Loves his salt
343. Has grown so much in one year
344. Loves ikea
345. Loves himself some Cops
346. Watches crime shows with me
347. Holds me close when a scary show comes on
348. Tries new foods
349. Smothers me with kisses
350. Loves bunnies
351. Is a big softy 
352. Thinks of me first
353. My best friend
354. My lover
355. My husby
356. Be together for all time and eternity 
357. Got me an iPad. A free one but it's the thought right?
358. Can't dance at all
359. Tries to dance for me
360. Makes yummy cheesy eggs
361. I love you. 
362. I can't wait for many more adventures 
363. I can't wait to bring babies into the world
364. I can't wait to spend all eternity with you
365. Happy anniversary