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November 6, 2011

Oopsie!! #19 & 18 things I am thankful for

OK so I forgot yesterday to do a post. It was a busy day.

#19: Stake Conference
In the past two days we has some really amazing speakers at our Stake Conference. There was President Walker and the airplane analogy. I will never be able to sit in Sacrament meeting again without remembering the 4 exit doors and how to open my scriptures. Too funny!!! But then there was President Noyes talk about keeping the word of wisdom that really hit home. I am grateful for these wonderful inspired men of God. It was a beautiful and spirit filled weekend. 

#18 Sight
I am truly thankful for eyesight. For without I would not be able to see how beautiful the world is around me. How brightly the sun shine thru the colorful fall trees. It so wonderful to have eyes.

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