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March 6, 2012

how to sufficently waste time…

I am queen of wasting time. So as tribute to my greatest talent; I am posting my favorite apps. Yes some cost money, but really .99 cents is nothing compared to what the app does. 

So I am trying to lose some weight. And this is a great app to help keep track of calories, weight lose, exercise and its a social network. You can support others who are battling weight problems.

I love this app. It is the best camera ever. Don't buy or use anything other than this app for photography. It takes brilliant pictures and it is used by professionals.

 This is app is super cool. You take a video and then it turns it into a still photograph that you can animate any part. Its wicked cool. I recommend this app.

 Ridiculously cool app for panoramic photographs. I use it all the time and its perfect every time. You don't have to do any stitching or anything you just shoot and the app makes it idiot proof. Love that part!

I am not a big game player but this is one I enjoy. 

So when you go shopping nowadays you gotta have one of those stupid club cards. Well this brilliant little app keeps all your club cards so they can be scanned at the store. It also gives you updates on sales, and discounts, and in store coupons. So its pretty sweet!

 Here's the classic instagram everyone should just know about this one and already have it on their smart phones. I love publishing my photography, mostly cause its the one thing I love to do more than anything, but also cause its super fun. I want everyone to think I have a spectacular life. hehe. I do have a spectacular life!!!!!!!

So I am a huge day dreamer and this app helps to remind me why I don't travel very much… kidding, its a really great app to help find airline ticket prices. Its a good comparison to Orbitz, (which btw is my favorite travel site) 

Pretty self explanatory. It has good options for making frames and layouts for your pictures. Its simple and way easy to use.

I love social media, especially cause you can meet people who have similar interests from all over the world. This app allows you to post a picture everyday 365 days of the year. You can look at others pictures and get some inspiration.

Super wild, crazy, addictive, amazing…and I am not talking about myself! This app is fierce! Topic of the day…pickles oh yes you can post pictures of pickles. So for those of you I have completely confused, this app has a bunch of random topics and you can post pictures to those topics. Its way toooooo much hysterical fun. Angelina Jolie pose????

For those of you who haven't heard about the latest trend pinterest is the most perfect waste of time. I love to read magazines and I have pull books, where I have pulled out pictures that I love, ideas, inspirations & just everything cool. This is the pull book for the internet.

This app is great for all sorts of cards. It links to your calendar & facebook. So it will send you reminders about birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and then you can just send a lovely e-card. Super easy to remember when someone reminds you. Thanks Siri!

Its a chat app. I love this cause I can chat with my friends all over the world for free. woohoo!!!

A walkie talkie app.

Travel around the world with the app. It's really cool to see other photographers work from everywhere. It inspires me to plan my next trip…

Love this grocery shopping app. Its the perfect list for you list makers. I just pull out my phone while I am at the store and I never have to worry about remembering my grocery list at home.

I have a really hard time sleeping so this app creates white noise of my chose. Right now its soft rain, with wind chimes.

I am a huge journal writer so this app is great for keeping track of the everyday events. You can write you feelings and add photographs, videos, audio. And make it like a scrapbook then you can export to your blog, facebook or email. Its great!

Turn your photographs into words of art, or art with words. Whatever its pretty cool!

Sufficient waste of time. Watching movie trailers. I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have only played with this app a couple of times. But it is great for editing photographs. I plan on using it more.


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