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April 11, 2013

Self Esteem Project

I have really been enjoying my calling at Church. Being the Primary President has been the most amazing experience. Along with that I am the activity day girl leader. I love doing fun new things with the girls. We always have so much fun. This past week the topic was self esteem. I had planned on making mirrors. But after several failed attempts at different ideas, I decided to go with the thing I do best. Photography! So I got ahold of the YW President to see if we could maybe do our activity together and the girls could help each other do their hair all beautiful. 
I started out by telling my own personal struggles with low self esteem. It was really an amazing experience. I understand what alot of them are going through. Being a teenage girl is really hard. I wanted to show each of them how beautiful they are. They had no idea what was going to happen before the arrived. They were dressed in grubbies, and gym clothes, no make up or very little. Messy hair, and basically looking tired. It was the perfect time for a photo session!

And Sofia the ham


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