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June 2, 2015

Missionary Relay

Faith in God Program 

I am so excited about this year I got my stuff together! Finally!!!
This month we talked about missionary work. So we had a super fun relay. The kids had to put on their mission clothing. {Which was 10 sizes too big for them.} Then they had to pick a piece of paper out of a basket that had their mission call on it. (of course this was all done in pairs, you couldn't go anywhere without your companion) Then came finding their mission on the big map and marking it. After that they had to go to the "MTC." They had to look for the hymn called to serve in the hymn book and sing a verse together. (I guess I know what song we need to practice in primary) It was off to language study, the Hermanas were there to help with this one. The kids had to memorize the line, "Will you read the Book of Mormon," in Spanish and repeat it back to the Hermanas. (pretty easy since most the kids speak Spanish.)
Next came scripture study they had to find a scripture in the Book of Mormon about Missionary work and read it out loud.  Lastly they had to make a paper airplane and fly off to their missions. 
It was so much fun.
Then the missionaries shared a few mission stories. It was such a good experience for the kids. There was even a couple investigators and new 8 year olds. They had a blast.  

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