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July 4, 2015

An epic activity girls sleepover

Princess sleepover

Pizzas, popcorn & juice, & Princesses. After dinner we had a lesson from the Hermana Missionaries. We talked about how we come from a Heavenly Father that is a King making us princesses. We decorated crowns and made a gigantic glittery mess in my house. 
Afterwards it was play time in the pool. A bunch of rowdy, squealy girls were pretty much emptying my pool out. haha! 
The Princess diaries was the movie of choice. Since we had a theme going. 
The adults really enjoyed the movie… the girls ended up singing and playing in the play room. But hey it was their sleepover. I went to bed around 11:30pm, leaving the other two adults to suffer… sleep nearby the girls. I was told they ended up going quiet around 4am. But bright and early at 7am girls were up and giggling. I got up and made blueberry pancakes. We put on another movie as we waited for parents, turns out they weren't as interested in the movie and wanted to play in the dress up. By 11am the last girl left and my house was cleaned and quiet. ahhh…
I am so grateful to be the Primary president and to be able to have activities like this for these kids. They are making memories, building relationships, and growing their testimonies. These girls are our future leaders, and future moms.

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