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December 9, 2017

Merry Sickness

Oh the JOY!

I feel like I have really got the short end of the stick this holiday season. It all started round Halloween.  First my ears went... you know what it feels like to be under water?  Well it's like I'm walking around with a bathtub full of water on my head.  If I say what?  or huh? or just stare blankly at you... assume it's the bathtub. 

Then the cough,  the mucus, the dry throat, the gagging and vomiting...mostly cause of the gagging.... I bet your envisioning me lying half dead in my bed... oh no the show must go on.  Between planning halloween parties,  becoming yw President and getting ready for Christmas I didn't have time to lay pathetically around the house. 
Luckily I have an amazing rock solid husby. Who helps keep the dishes done and the kitchen clean [mostly]. I feel so terrible that I can barely maintain my own house. 

I've mostly kicked the head cold know I'm nauseous and you don't want to follow me to the bathroom... too graphic sorry. Not really; everybody poops.

I feel so sad I had such big plans to be actively participating in the #lighttheworld  campaign. I was looking forward to baking yummies.  Making grandmas caramels and doing all the fun traditions.  I have been brave facin' it for months. I spent a good majority of today and yesterday in bed snuggling fuzzies.

I am just so tired of my body rebelling. Any self help books for rebellious 40 something bodies?

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