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About me

A little Ditty about me…

Live Laugh and Love…
I enjoy life through the lens of my camera. I love to show the raw beauty of real life…without all the fluff and foofooness. Just people as they really are. Finding their inner beauty and exposing their hopes, their fears and their passions. I believe with my whole heart that the world is full of so much beauty and I enjoy the hunt for it. Not everything is kittens and cute things, but no harm in searching right?

I heart laughter. It cures all! I am madly in love with laughing and making others laugh as well. To make some laugh is to bring joy to the world. To lift ones spirit and say that they are happy, is so powerful. Take a moment and laugh!

I love my family and my friends. You lift me up and support me and I dedicate this blog to you. To those who love me no matter how insane I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you