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June 6, 2012

Vacay to Cali

Road Trip to California 

Every year we head out to Lake Tahoe as a family to our condo on the North side of the lake. And every year we have snow. Unbelievable! So we had snow all the way there up and over every mountain. It was fun to travel with my Pacer. We started the day out with a little gardening and then off to tahoe. It was Pacer's first time there. I wish we would have had nice weather. But indeed it did not stop us from getting into the hot tub. 

It was so fun to see Soren & Danielle & the kids. I bring my camera and I didn't actually use it. Just the cell phone. I have to start using the camera more. haha. 
It was so fun showing Pacer where I grew up in Auburn and Cool and even more fun introducing him to the people who were there to see me grow up. Things have changed so much. But I decided that I love my Oregon and there is no getting me to leave. 



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