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February 14, 2013

Date night at Frys

Date Night at Fry's
That's right Pacer and I enjoyed an evening at Fry's while waiting for the rest of the Spanish Branch to meet up for a Valentine's dinner at Wok Inn in Wilsonville.
We had been up at OHSU all morning for my doctor's appointments. Blah blah blah boring. Then we killed a bunch of time at The Container Store. Totally love that store! 
WE had such a blast. We love being together. Can't believe its been 6 months since we got married. 

Fry's totally rocks. Perfect place for a couple of tech nerds.

shhh be vewy vewy quiet I'm hunting wabbit

dinner at Wok Inn in Wilsonville

thats right I have on a pig hat

I think I spot big blu zilla…nope just my husby

I love that my husband is as goofy as I am

Whatever would you do with such a huge tv??

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