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February 2, 2013


Pacer and I have decided that we want to get to know our nieces and nephews better. So each month we are choosing a family to "Kidnap," and do something fun with them.
–––––Christian & Olivia––––
a date at the McMinnville Aquatic Center

We went to their house and picked them up, they knew only that we were going to take them for a super special surprise. We collected their bags and headed for the pool. They made all sorts of guesses as to what we would be doing, of course they were sooooo wrong. We pulled up to the park and they got really excited thinking that we were taking them to the dragon park. But no when we took them into the swimming pool they were a little indifferent about the idea. But as soon as we got their suits on and jumped in the pool. They changed their minds pretty quick. They had a blast. Pacer especially he's my fishy husband. He would live in the pool if he could. 
We swam for close to 2 hours, then off to shower and change. As one final activity we went to DQ for ice creams. Olivia talked about it for days after…actually she is still talking about how Uncle Pacer & Aunt Jade took them swimming and got ice cream. 

It so much fun to get to know them. They have the cutest personalities. So this month is another one of our family members.
 Stay tuned…

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