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September 28, 2013

Camping at Devil's Lake

A last Hoorah before Winter comes 
We decided to go camping one more time, before the rainy season starts. It was so fun, we went with my family. We were so lucky to get the campsite right next to the bathrooms, so we got to hear the soothing sounds of flip flops, toilets flushing and air dryers. Oh and lets not forget the screaming couple. I turned to my husband and I told him that if he ever yelled at me like that couple were doing I would up and walk away. It was bad. So we fell asleep finally and somewhere around 1 the couples argument escalated to a screaming match, waking sleeping babies and children. After they finally calmed down and we headed back to lala land, we were jolted to wake by the sound of something breaking into our ice chests. Upon opening the tent we see 4 racoons, helping themselves to food. Yes we had the pleasure of having a mother and her 3 babies hanging out in our camp site. So all night long we were chasing them off. Brats!
So sufficeth to say, not much sleep was had that night. But we did enjoy a delicious foil dinner and of course roasted marshmallows. 

Morning time brought a bit of a drizzle, nothing a hot fire and cocoa can't cure. Pacer took Christian to go fishing and I brought Olivia a little later. Sadly no fish were caught but Christian had fun. 
Breakfast was pancakes cooked in bacon grease, and apple juice. Which did wonders for the sore throat I woke up with. 
The weather was decent and we decided to walk down to the beach and hang out for awhile. 

After a bit we decided it was time to eat lunch and headed back to camp for lunch. The kids had been so excited to eat their lunchables and unfortunately they were stolen by the pesty racoons from the prior evening. So it was sandwiches all the way around. We packed up camp, and headed North to Neskowin (our favorite beach). It was a beautiful day, the dogs ran wild, the kids played in the waves and pacer climbed proposal rock. I sat on the beach and rested my sad broken body. (Sciatica acting up)

Overall it was an entertaining last summer hoorah. Can't wait to go camping again.


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