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September 26, 2013

Camping in Detroit

Rain Rain Go Away

We made a quick last minute decision to go camping, well actually my parents put the idea in our heads. They had planned to go camping at Silver falls and then decided not to. But we were excited and ready to go camping. So we called Detroit Lake to see if there were any spots left, and luckily they did. We packed the car and headed out as the rain followed us all the way there. We set up camp and shortly after we were set up did the rain really pick up. We enjoyed our delicious chicken foil dinners, why is it that no matter what you eat while camping always tastes so good. We couldn't even hang out next to the fire, there was so much rain. So we just crawled into bed to read and listen to the rain. 

By the morning we were wet, it rained all night. We ate our scrumptious breakfast and then went off in search of a laundry mat to clean and dry our blankets. The second day wasn't nearly as bad. The rain had stopped and we were able to enjoy ourselves more. 
Overall it was a really fun weekend.

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