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September 16, 2014

Ta dah!!!

Finding our home

Oh!what an incredible journey we have been on since the end of July. We have been renting for 2 years from a very sweet little old lady. We decided we were ready to buy a home so we had approached the home owner of our duplex to see if they would be interested in selling to us. 
They thought it was a great idea, but of course when we told them how much we could afford they turned us down without a second thought. We knew we had opened Pandora's box and knew it was only a matter of time before the "children" of the landlord took ahold of the reigns and kicked us out.

So we started looking quite seriously to buy a home. I had started packing a little at a time cause I knew we were going to have to leave no matter what. And shortly after our visit with the Landlords the children swooped in and wrote up the eviction notice cause they were gonna sell. 

We drove around the manufactured parks looking at places and for kicks we ran into J & M homes, to look at some homes on their lot. We set up an appointment to go look at a couple homes in Lafayette. I really wanted to stay in McMinnville,cause of the kids I watch.

But once we came into the first home in Lafayette, I knew it had to my new home. It felt like home. It was a repo and in really great shape. We literally got it for a steal. 
So we signed the dotted line and moved in the end of August. 

It has been an amazing journey. We cleaned and painted and are still unpacking. After 3 weeks of living here. It feels like I'll never get it done. But it feels soooooo amazing to call it my own. 
OUR OWN!more pics to come

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