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December 1, 2011

a day at the doctor

a day at the doctor

not always my favorite thing to do, but it does seem to be a regular thing. Latest update not to bore everyone with my laundry list of medical problems or my growing list of prescriptions:
So my ENT has put me on an intense medical regimen to try to help my chronic sinus problems, if that doesn't help I will be getting a ct to check for sinus diseases and allergies. 
I also will be seeing a dermatologist for a cancer screening, as well as my neurologist for my 3 month check up. Still doing blood work constantly for my thryoid condition. And lets not even talk about the podiatrist and my plantar facitis and how the lame insurance will not cover my treatment. Wow I should have been a doctor I could have saved a ton of money on self treatments. 

I think by the time I am 65 I will be in perfect health!

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