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January 15, 2014

Q is for quiet time

Quiet…with no technology

Ok so I cheated a little bit and used my phone for picture taking. Had to be documented though. Saturday there was a crazy wild Oregon winter day. We had spent the afternoon at the stake center prepping for an 8 year old baptism, in the branch. The wind was whipping around swinging doors almost off their hinges. The baptism had a few hiccups but turned out beautiful.
We hadn't had dinner, but had planned on having delicious chocolate and blood orange chicken tacos, with guacamole. Seriously doesn't that sound so delicious. Well we never did get to have the for dinner. When I pulled unto the street where we live & sure enough there was no power. Every where else in McMinnville had power except us. I walk in and Pacer and lit candles everywhere. It was so beautiful and romantic. Both of electronic devices were on less than 10% battery. We were pretty much forced into a no tech date night. We have no bread so sandwiches were out of the question… I sent Pacer out for 5$ pizza. 
After our delicious pizza we laid down in bed and caught up on our magazine reading, and I am currently reading  
History Decoded 
The 10 greatest conspiracies of all time.
by Brad Meltzer 

The power came back on so we decided to keep the technology off and lay back down and keep reading.

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