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January 3, 2014

Rolling skatin demons!

Oh to be young
I remember when I was sixteen years old, I owned these white quad skates with hot pink wheels and hot pink shoes laces. I was dancing queen on those suckers. I spent my evenings on the rink, playing with the boys. We had so much fun. The rink was our second home. Friendships were made and built solid. 
But nothing, nothing prepared me for skating in my late 30's. 
I'm sooooooooooooo not 16 anymore.
Pacer had a doctors appointment in Portland so I decided to surprise him with a date to the skating rink. So we get there amongst a few tweens getting ready to celebrate the night away for a birthday party. We giggled like little school kids. After putting those super sexy brown skates, I imagined in my head, getting up and rolling gracefully off and impressing my husby. YEA it didn't go that way. It was more like watching a dog in skates, so not graceful. And my word the pain in my hips. I am so not a spring chicken, nor any other season of chicken. 
We had so much for the whole half hour we there. We came home to lay on the couch and watch movies....more up to our speed. 


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