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February 7, 2015

Midnight Blues

As I lay here staring into the dark,  I can hear my husbands breathing softly and heavily, as he sleeps deeply.  I can feel the three cats positioned around me.  (My own personal heaters) Oh they make me so jealous.  I wish my brain had a turn off switch.  I wish the brutal stabbing pain in my back would cease and let me rest.  I wish my finger and arm didn't hurt so bad.  I wish I could make the tears stop falling.  I wish for a Massage, to be perfectly honest. 

Hmm Oh the dreams I have.  The peace I have is that I know I will one day have a perfect pain free body. 

But I can wait till then.  So in the meantime I'll hide the tears for midnight while the rest are sleeping soundly. 

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