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February 15, 2015

Time of death…11:30pm

Crappiest Valentine's yet!

I have had some crap Valentine's days in my lifetime. I've been stood up, I've been broken up with and I have been alone. But I have never experienced a death on Valentine's day. 

I couldn't imagine a world without love. We love freely and openly. We love innocently and joyfully. But when a loved one passes it's so hard to remember that each of us, each soul on earth is here for but a brief moment in time. 
We are on loan from our Loving Heavenly Father. He has given us the people and animals in our lives. 
I know it sounds silly. I didn't lose a relative, I lost someone close to my heart a dear, innocent, loving and kind companion. She was only with us for such a short time. But oh the joy she brought into my life and to the lives of all that snuggled her. 
I will forever miss my sweet little fluffy bun bun. 
Rest in Peace my little Pipp Squeak. 
Mama loves you. 

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