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May 14, 2014

Introducing…MISS PIP

Easter bunny? I think not

I believe something hit both my husband and I in the head one morning, but Pacer says innocently,"Why can't we get a bunny?"
I couldn't come up with a reason. So whether it was that it was 7am, the whack to our heads, or the quick access to craigslist, but a few hours later we were driving home with a new 3.5 month old bunny in the cat carrier. CRAZY u say!
nah nah! We adore our darling Pip. She may the biggest pip squeak around but she is a doll. We are working on the potty training issues, and yes I carry a squirt bottle around and you can randomly hear me yell, "NO PIP!" Followed by a squirt of water. But luckily she is baby/pippy proofing the house. We are so ready for babies. Seriously Bring it!!!!
So our home is a regular zoo now. We love animals so much and are so excited that she is part of our family now.
Prepare yourself for utter cuteness. {and notice the smiley face she has on her bum.} SOOOO adorable.    


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