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May 28, 2014

Our Sealing: we sure know how to make an impression

Our Sealing: we sure know how to make an impression

Oh what a dayIt was crazy. 
I got a text the night before saying that dad probably wouldn't make it in time for our sealing. He was stranded at the airport in Chicago. Major bummer! {mostly for him.) Mom called me first thing in the morning saying that dad had got on a flight to Las Vegas and it was going to arrive 11am a half an hour after our sealing. So when we arrived at the temple at 930am we told them about our plight and they told us not to worry about it and they would make it work. The sealing was going to be moved to 12. We spent a bunch of time calling and texting everyone to tell them the news. Unfortunately all of our friends that were going to come couldn't make it. But at least I would have my dad in the sealing.
So Monte went to the airport to get him.  
Monte saved the day again!

From the moment we walked into the temple we had these wonderful attendants that helped us through the whole day. They were our shadows all day. 

Ask me to tell you all about Nudity, and bra problems. Those are some good stories.
 But we became quite famous that day. I was the bride waiting for my air bound father. It was quite comical actually. I got dressed in my new temple dress and off we went to be sealed for all time and eternity. It was such a beautiful sealing. We enjoyed seeing the faces of our family members that could come. We could feel the love and support of all our extended family far away and our friends. Thank you everyone who has helped us get where we are now. 

 Thank you family for staying afterwards to greet us at the doors as we left the temple for the first time as a sealed family. It meant so much to us. I have always wanted to walk hand in hand with my eternal companion through those doors to hug my family. 

It was a wonderful day. We had Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and then came home to pack for our trip to California.

We belong together!!!!!

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