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May 29, 2014

Lake Tahoe: Thrift stores & Truckee

Lake Tahoe: Thrift stores & Truckee

Our first day Pacer and I went exploring around the lake in hopes of finding some thrift stores. But sadly there was nothing open and we so we decided to try again on Wednesday. All 4 of us piled into the van and off we went. Coming home for lunch and drop off all our fun finds. Then we rested and decided to go back out for more thrift store fun. We went to Truckee and explored the downtown. Afterwards we went to a thrift store where we scored big time on a fence to keep bunny and small children caged in. woohoo!!

It was a fun day of exploring the thrift stores. 
If we had been there longer we would have gone yard salin' too. 


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