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July 18, 2011

Seaside Oregon

Well I ventured out once again to another single adult activity. I almost didn't go. It was raining in McMinnville and there was an 80% chance of rain in Seaside. I had never been to Seaside without rain. So I wasn't really looking forward to it. But I decided that if there was rain we could just go into the stores and do a little shopping. So Tessa and I set out for our 2 hour drive up and over the mountains. One of my most favorite drives in all Oregon is up the 47. It is so beautiful with all the vast fields and the rolling hills with the coastal mountains behind it. Its so amazing. *But not recommended to try shooting a camera while driving on windy coastal roads. *

 We were just headed out to explore Seaside and we hadn't gone more then a few feet and my camera batteries died. So I had to go back to the parking garage and change batteries. This is the first shot I got coming down out of the garage. I just love dark scary alley ways. Don't you???

 There was some motorcycle fair going on.

 Book store kitty…definitely bigger then both my cats combined.

 Loved these records in a vintage store we went into.
The last shot at seaside. It was a lovely day. Perfect weather. And no RAIN!

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