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July 6, 2011

Virginia City with the Fam

Virginia City with the Family
There are very few times that we get together as a family. There was a couple siblings missing from this days adventure. But we enjoyed spending time exploring Virginia City. I have to say I love my siblings so very much and they have the greatest and most adorable kids. Thanks for being so supportive of me and being great Brothers & Sisters!
 Its like a kid in the candy store…oh wait it is a kid in a candy store
 Can I help you?
 Oops catcha!

 Adding to their delinquency

 Like father like son?????

 True Love

 Daddys little girl
 Hmmm whats wrong with this picture?
 How I love thee

 I love how excited they look an a completely stationary object. If only we all had the creative minds of children. I want to see all adults enjoy life like kids can.

 Ok so this jeep thingy wasn't moving…how in the world is her hair blowing like that???
 Someone is tuckered out!

 Ohhh the mommy's club!
The subject!!!

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