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October 2, 2011

The Light

I love how light effects the darkness. I have been extremely fascinated with this concept for the past couple of years, as I have researched and explored the world at night.  
I love what light creates, the shadows, the shapes and especially when it illuminates an object, or some kind of subject. I love how it makes the subject stand out from the darkness around it. I sometimes feel like that subject being surrounded by so much darkness, whether it be worldly temptations, doubt, disappointment, sadness or loneliness
But there is a single ray of light that shines down on me from above, that lifts my spirit and gives me hope. The light of God, He knows me, He loves me, and He has not forgotten me. I am grateful everyday for His Love, for His guidance and for His patience. I know that He will not forsake me. He will walk beside me, He will hold my hand and lift me up and help me through those dark times, being a constant light. The Light of  
His love will always be with me. 

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