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October 19, 2011

Toy organization tips

OK!!! I have been watching a whole house full of little people…all under the age of 5. Because the little darlings are so imaginative and curious…the house can most quickly become a major disaster area *like FEMA needs to be called in* 
 I have been trying all sorts of ways of organizing toys. We have lots of things for the kids to, toys, crafts, play dough, kitchen, cars…you name it, we probably have it.
 Here is my solution:: Everything has it's place. 
I have a bunch of the toys in the toy holder in bags. These are closed toys. The kids can not play with them without permission. So they are special!

So far so good. it seems to really be working. yea!!

this is the toy organizer, anything not in a baggy, is open toys

this is the kitchen

the doors are filled with food and dishes

The arts and crafts organizers

all the outside toys in their spots

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