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November 30, 2017


As the Christmas Season comes upon us we have the opportunity to remember the reason we celebrate this holiday. It's not all about a man in a red suit who comes down a chimney and leaves gifts under a tree. It's about a man who was born in humble circumstances, and raised by mortal parents, who suffered and bled in a garden for all our sins. Who clothed in robes and a crown of thorns was hung and died on a cross. Who was placed in a tomb and rose three days latter as a resurrected and perfect being. And it was His idea, His plan, His sacrifice that allows us to enjoy the lives we have, and the knowledge that we will see Him again some day. We will also be resurrected and be perfect glorious beings along side Him. 

I am grateful for the small babe, I am grateful for that young boy in the temple, I am grateful for that man who was whipped and spit on, who bled and died on a cross. I am grateful for MY Savior.

Merry Christmas and lets make this season a time to give of ourselves and remember our Perfect 


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