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November 21, 2017

What to do at 3am

So it's 3am and I'm stuck in bed. If I could I'd go work on my computer. But then my poor hard working husband would get no sleep. The dogs will not settle down and go to sleep until I'm in bed. So currently I'm working on my yoga in bed. One dog between my legs one snuggled up into my neck breathing hot heavy breath into my ear. And an old Santi cat snuggled up into my arm. Hallelujah mango cat is out on the town, protecting the neighborhood.

So I lay here tossin and turnin all night long. I've had this horrible cold for over a month now, and the latest symptom is a dry throat. It feels like I've been walking thru the desert for a week with no water. I drink buckets of water and still sane result.  So I wake up choking and coughing cause I can't breathe. It's a real fun time.

But at least I can snuggle my fur babies.

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