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September 6, 2011

Camping at Detroit Lake

We finally decided upon a camping trip for Labor day weekend. We tried to get a spot along the coast…anywhere along the coast. Everything was booked solid. So we decided to go inland and go lake camping. Detroit Lake, Oregon. So Saturday morning, we packed the truck and off we went to our little campsite.

Detroit Lake Panoramic
Settin up camp

Camping dog…not a good camping dog. He spent most of his time laying in the tent.

Mom on her iphone…no escaping technology.

our backyard

Sunday morning we went for a drive and a mini hike down to this cool suspension bridge, where these guys were jumping off it. As we were coming down the trail we could here the really loud music, and when we got to the bottom there was a ton of boats on the water, partying.

Mom walking on the suspension bridge
some guy jumping off the bridge
the sheriff patrolling the water

So we decided we wanted to have a family reunion here in 2013. So I took some shot of this great group site at cove creek campground on the south beach of Detroit Lake. 

Food area
The beach area

the path down to the beach

another view of beach area

more campsites
back side of food area
On our way out of camp on Monday we stopped at the Dam. It was so high and super cool.

Cant wait til Christensen Family reunion 2013!!!

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