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September 12, 2011

Sad Day :-(

I enjoy blogging, editing photographs, exploring the web & designing nifty things. And I really like doing it with an ice tea, root beer, or water...well Saturday night was no exception to the rule I was enjoying a fabulously refreshing glass of grape juice (which I rarely drink) when around the midnight hour there was a terrible accident. Yes I bet you can all predict what had occurred. We will just call it,"the event"  happened so suddenly I had no time to really think about what was going on. It just happened in slow motion, my hand moved too quickly for the glass and I didn't have a good grip on the cup, when it happened... the spill! Yes there was a spill of grape juice and my darling and beloved computer just happened to be in the path of said grape juice. I hurriedly cleaned up as best as I could making sure to get rid of the sticky mess. Maybe it was the hour of the evening or that I never thought that a little bit of grape juice could reek such havoc. But, alas, according to the fine and very good looking guys at the apple store there was no hope for recovery. I attempted to make the pain go away by trying on very expensive and most fierce shoes. But to no avail. I still felt very very very sad. :-( sniff sniff.  
So I drowned my sorrows in a delicious red velvet cake and pistachio frozen yogurt with vanilla yogurt chips. It helped ease the pain a bit.
 So now I write to you from my mothers PC and it pains me greatly really really really greatly. Cause when I mess up I can't control z. And that makes me very very very uncomfortable. So those of you who read my sad tale I am taking donations for a new computer. I do take large bills and credit cards. Pay pal works too. 
Okay, so maybe I'm being a little dramatic you don't really have to donate but if you really loved me you would. :-) hehhehe

RIP my dearest friend 

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