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September 25, 2011

The fall cometh

Fall is my most favorite time of the year. 
I love the cool breeze, the rain showers, the changing of the leaves, and the air is just fresh and clean
As I was driving to church today I was thinking of how beautiful the town of McMinnville is. And how blessed I am to live here and to have the friends that I have made in this area. McMinnville is really a little piece of heaven. I know there are some that have lived here forever that would disagree but it is so peaceful and incredibly beautiful here. We need to thank God for giving us such an exquisite world to live on. 
I took a few photographs with my cell phone on the way to and from church. {warning do not try this at home, I am a professional}
It was sprinkling and my windows in the car are super dirty. Sorry!

on my way to Dayton

 Driving down third street


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