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September 9, 2011

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep tonite! I hate that…
I hate that I can never sleep
I hate that I can't seem to break into my career
I hate that I couldn't go to school in NY
I hate that I still live at home
I hate that on a friday night I am stuck at home (as if I had something better to do)
I hate that I am single and alone
I hate that I have no children of my own, and that there are people in the world who don't want theirs
I hate that I am drinking root beer from a kids cup at 10pm in my pjs
I hate that I don't have my own private space
I hate that I have so many dreams for a future that seems so far away and unattainable
I hate that my foot hurts so bad it inhibits my normal life activities 
I hate that I am actually using the word hate…cause I really only hate my cell phone!
I hate that I am in love with someone I can't have!

I am grateful I have a home to live in
I am grateful for a loving and supportive family
I am grateful for the ability to see and hear and speak
I am grateful for all my talents
I am grateful for the food I have to eat
I am grateful for the clothing I have to wear…especially my shoes
I am grateful for the sunrise and sunset
I am grateful for the seasons
I am grateful for all of natures beauty and inspiration
I am grateful for my kitty cats. they love me unconditionally (or maybe its cause I fill their food dishes)
I am grateful for God. For the loving sacrifice of my Savior Jesus Christ. For His unconditional and amazing love for me. 
I am grateful that He suffered for me, that He bled and died for me. That He rose from the dead and that He lives today. 
I am grateful for Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the temple and the abundant blessings therein. 
I am grateful for the members of the church who have been amazing and inspiring examples to me in my life.
I am grateful for the Book of Mormon, for the beautiful and heaven sent messages that fills its pages.
I am grateful for the boy in the grove that knelt and prayed with complete and udder faith and restored the gospel in this day and age, even Joseph Smith
I am grateful for a living prophet President Thomas S. Monson. For his counselors and for the quorum of the 12. 
I am grateful that I am alive and I have faith in a living God.
I am grateful He is my light and my glory, even Jesus Christ

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