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My Cookbook

Frozen Hot Chocolate 
Green Tea Fruit Smoothie

Baked Doughnuts
Blackberry Breakfast Crepes 
Low fat Oatmeal Banana & Blueberry Bread
Mini Puffed Oven Pancakes with berry Sauce
Nutella & Strawberry Crepes 
Peach Stuffed French Toast
Raspberry Oatmeal 
Red Velvet Waffles with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting 

Main Dishes
Amazing whole wheat pizza crust
Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwiches 
Avocado Mac n cheese 
Baked Drumsticks with Apple Honey Sauce 
Beef Stroganoff 
Broccoli Ham Calzone 
Cheeseburger Chowder 
Cheesy Chicken Goddess Casserole
Chicken Posole
Chile Rellano
Creamy White Chicken Lasagna Rolls
Four Cheese White Pizza 
Honey Soy Sesame Salmon & Rice 
Jerk Pork with grilled pineapple 
Meaty Cheesy Lasagna 
Mexican Shrimp & Rice
Orange Shrimp with Rice Noodles
Pesto Penne with Lemon, Spinach, Edamame, & Toasted Almonds
Pork Chops with apple sauce & Sweet Corn Tomalito 
Potato & Cheese Pierogi with Sour Cream Garlic, chives sauce
Sausage & Cheese Ravioli's with sausage alfredo sauce
Shrimp Tetrazinni 
Skillet Lasagna
Slow Cooker Cashew Orange Chicken 
Slow Cooker Chili 
Slow Cooker Chow Mein
Slow Cooker Southwest Chicken Stacks 
Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken 
South Coast hominy
Spaghetti Carbonara 

Spaghetti with Broccoli Cream Pesto 
Super Sloppy Joes  
Tamales de Pollo Verde 
Thai Chicken with rice
Tortellini Spinach Bake in Creamy Lemon Sauce 
Toasted Apple Dill Havarti wheat Pita sandwich 
Turkey Feta Burgers 
Zucchini Pasta with Pomodoro Sauce 

BBQ Chicken Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing
Cabbage Slaw
Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole

Grandma's Homemade Potato & Noodle Soup
Lasagna Soup
Red potato & Broccoli Soup
Slow Cooker Pasta E Fagioli Soup
Tortellini Soup 

Apple Pie Bars 
Banana Cream Cheesecake
Banana Nut Bread 
Blackberry Cupcakes with Blackberry Cheesecake frosting
Better than SEX cupcakes 
Buttermilk Blueberry Muffins
Cake Dough Chocolate Chip Cookies
Candy Bar Cheesecake 
Candy Cane Cookies   
Carrot Cake 
Carrot Tea Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting 
Cherry New York Cheesecake 
Chocolate chip cookies 
Chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow creme filling and chocolate frosting
Chocolate Kit Kat Cupcakes 
Chocolate Marion Berry Truffle Cheesecake 
Cinnamon Roll Cake 
Coconut cupcakes with coconut frosting 
Cookies and cream cupcakes 
Crack Cookies 
Deep Fried Candy Bars 
Fresh Apple Cake
Frozen Chocolate Bananas 
Fudgy Caramel Brownies
Grandma's Caramels 
Homemade Snickers
Key Lime Cheesecake
Lemon Blueberry Pudding
Lemon Cake Cookies 
Lemon Cupcakes 
Lemon Cupcakes filled with lemon creme & lemon Buttercream frosting  
Lemonade Cupcakes
Mom's Double Chocolate Brownies 
Mini Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Muffins  
Nana's banana Nut bread 
Oreo Cookie Dessert  
Oreo Truffles 
Peppermint Cupcakes
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies 
Pumpkin layered Cheesecake
Samoas Cheesecake
The Best Banana Bread 
Tres Leches with Banana whip cream 
Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes with vanilla Frosting
Vanilla white chocolate chip Cupcakes with caramel frosting & toasted almonds
Whipped fruit topping 

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